cozmo-naughty (wtshibal) wrote,

re: social anxiety cc eighth grade

everyone goes through more or less the same things in life. when i think about the major life events ahead of me, i think about how hard it's going to be. but also how every human takes on these same endeavors to some extent. but some ppl have a harder time living than others. the simple things are harder for them to get through. you know those ppl you know that never seem to struggle too hard with their own minds or selves? i know ur not supposed to assume that they dont have their own stuff going on, but im almost absolutely certain that their day to day is different from mine. its the fundamental things, the mundane day to day things that dont seem lmike they should be a problem, that are harder for some ppl to do, that makes life overall more cumbersome for them. everyones lives are cumbersome. our nature or biology or manufactured society make it so. but for some, its more difficult. (again, keep thinking back to that one bojack ep - "how do ppl... live?")
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