cozmo-naughty (wtshibal) wrote,

MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS: home in the bay edition

polo & pan ---- thank u rachel nguyen's cool friend group, im obSESSED
2nd street by natalie green
better off by sjowgren
girl ultra ---- latina r&b queen holy her voice is so good, her songs, and its all in spanish i... die
luz apaga by ozuna
exotigaz EP by A.CHAL ----- speaking of more spanish-speaking artists.... this ep is fire
bad bunny ----- MIA is a bop and solo de mi is pioneering emo reggaeton and his album is out!
january by verzache
tobi lou and the juice by tobi lou ----- wtf i slept on this!!! every track is incredible and that zack villere feature fk!!!
Tags: tunes
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